What was that Mr. Schrödinger?

So this classically under construction site has been live and stagnant already for a longer half-life than I care to admit. Let’s get it observed so it can collapse into what it’s going to be.

Right now it must be considered all possible websites at once. It is, at the same time, part repository for Top Quark WordPress Plugins, part support forum and part marketing tool for a little mobile app start-up called Top Quark Productions.  Here will be a destination to find the following WordPress plugins:

  • A suite of WordPress plugins, ideal for festivals and conferences, to turn a multi-day, multi-venue, multi-talented itinerary into a Phonegap-integrated, customizable, app-store ready app
  • An extension to Formidable Pro a popular forms plugin, adding a new “Table” field type
  • A fork of an old email newsletter friend, poMMo, turned into a powerful and extensible contact management system
  • A Top Quark Architecture plugin (free – used by the app and poMMo plugins), along with an invitation for open source co-development

If you’re interested in keeping in touch with us about Top Quark Plugins, please leave a comment, follow @topquarky on Twitter or send an email to info@topquarkproductions.ca.

Status of the Conference App

The conference app has been successfully deployed as a web app.  The Phonegap integration is not done yet, but is high on the roadmap.  There are real-world examples of the web app available online.  They work on iPhone, Android and Blackberry Touch phones (older Blackberry’s can access a non-javascript version).  To see it in action, on the desktop or mobile, visit:

  • A proof-of-concept done in an afternoon while waiting to play a song with Digging Rootsat the National Aboriginal Acheivement Awards in Edmonton (March, 2011)
  • A production version covering the Folk Alliance International in Memphis (February, 2011)
  • A bilingual version covering the Canadian Arts Presenting Association conference in Ottawa (November, 2010).  The bilingual aspect of this version was programmed as an extension to the core plugins
  • Where it came together for the first time, for the Ontario Council of Folk Festivalsconference in Ottawa (October, 2010)
  • A richer example of what the core plugins can do on the desktop for the Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto (September 2010)
  • Several Top Quark plugins, including the poMMo & Formidable extensions, are in production for the Mariposa Folk Festival (July, 2011)