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Internet security is fast becoming an obsession with even the most casual users. With the advent of hundreds of security threats nearly every day, how can you keep up your guard? Is there a specific recommended series of steps? Or are you left to craft ad hoc Internet security monitoring?

The most crucial aspect to Internet security is controlling your encryption. Stolen passwords can cause major breaches that allow for infection of otherwise healthy systems. These pilfered codes also create new programming constraints. The resultant protection schemes are often overloaded and corrupted.

Security advisers often come up with confusing and abstruse technical solutions. Furthering the difficulty, not everyone’s sense of what constitutes Internet security is the same. Different echelons of security require unique approaches. And the range in price can be truly remarkable.

So where do you begin with the process? We highly recommend you consult with SEVERAL experts in the field. A good sampling pool can mean the difference between acceptable service and a costly mistake. Remember, most consultations are free. Invest the energy up front to ensure you optimize your cost-benefit ratio.

The Savvy Enemy

Furthermore, there are concrete steps you must take once you’ve installed your Internet security apparatus. For one, never entrust your password to an unknown user. Spam email techniques are growing ever more savvy. Recently, my brother–an extremely self-conscious Internet security buff–lost his AOL password.

How could spam scam someone as savvy as my brother? In his case, he received an “invitation” to a work party that asked him to reenter his AOL password. Forgetting for a moment that AOL never asks for your password twice, my brother went ahead and entered his. The results were truly catastrophic.

A Cautionary Tale

Apparently, the thief broke into his account and used it to send bulk emails. AOL caught on and closed down his account–and several others, too! (His account was chained to others’ in our family.) Reconstituting our email network took days and precious work hours.

My brother’s cautionary tale indicates that Internet security issues are not going away any time soon. In fact, the more virulent these scammers grow, the more vigilant we must become. So how can the careful user protect against the dangers of the World Wide Web? Read on, my friend, and learn some of the best-kept secrets in the Internet security lexicon.